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David Dodge EFCL Past President and past district rep for Lago Lindo, Kilkenny, McLeod, Evansdale, Northmount, Londonderry, Steele Heights, Balwin, Killarney, Delwood, Glengarry, Rosslyn, Belvedere community leagues in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Photo by Rob Agostinis

Friday, March 11, 2011

EFCL Board Package March 2011 - Tripartite Agreement

Hello District B Communities,
What a busy week. There is plenty of news following the EFCL Board meeting last night. As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Here are the highlights from the meeting last night.
David Dodge, District B Representative

Download the board package for the March 10, 2011 meeting

April Calendar
  • April 04 EFCL Annual General Meeting - 5:30 to 9:00 PM
, Woodvale Community Hall, 4540 - 50 Street
  • April 14 EFCL Board Meeting
  • April 16 EFCL Talent Show
  • April 19  School Board Meeting—Neighbourhood Schools
  • April 20 Swim Allocation Meeting
  • April 27 Planning & Development Meeting
  • April 28 Hall Rental Workshop

6.3 - pg 15 - Triparite Agreement - NEW INFORMATION
The new Tripartite agreement will be distributed this Monday at long last. The negotiation process was very successful. We addressed all of the issues raised about the previous agreement, cleaned up some of the language, reduced the mentions and role of the EFCL in the agreement to appropriate roles, and best of all we secured a new 50 per cent matching capital fund for on-lease community league projects and a 40 per cent increase in operating grants.
A brief analysis will be circulated Monday with a copy of the new agreement. Our leagues were very well represented in this process by community folks: Dwayne Robertson, President of ACES; David Gibbons, President of EFCL, Christine Bremner, District Rep.; Allan Bolstad, EFCL Executive Director, Alla Ternakova District Rep. and myself, David Dodge EFCL VP and your District B representative. This group has worked for two years on this agreement and we think it is good agreement.
Last week I presented feedback and recommendations from the seven Area 17 communities that more time be provided for community leagues to consider the agreement. Last night the EFCL board supported our recommendations to ensure there is time for due process. The new process goes as follows:
  • March 14 – distribute draft of the agreement to community leagues
  • March 23 – host meeting at Rossdale Hall to present, discuss and answer questions about the agreement. If you are interested in this agreement this is your chance to bring all of your questions and concerns and ask them of your community representatives and City representatives as well
  • April 4 – NEW – at the EFCL AGM we will recommend a date for a Special Meeting of the EFCL to pass the agreement in early May. This allows community leagues time to learn about the agreement and take it to their league meetings and determine whether they support the agreement or not
  • Early May – we will need at least 30 leagues to show up to this meeting to enable us to vote on the agreement. The problem here is that after the March 23 meeting and the AGM folks may lose interest in coming to another meeting. We must make sure we show up to this meeting to vote on the agreement.

Thanks to input from the Area 17 communities we have put a much better process in place. If you have any questions please let me know.

6.4 – pg 17 - Community League Rink and Carnival Day

Also thanks to some very thoughtful input from the Area 17 communities in District B, I made a motion at the EFCL Board meeting to have a winter community league event on the Family Day weekend in 2012. Some folks were pushing for the weekend before Family Day, but all of the Area 17 communities indicated that it is better to piggy back a rink and carnival day on the Family Day weekend. We also suggested that we designate the entire weekend as Community Rink and Carvinal Weekend, to allow leagues to have events on Saturday, Sunday or Monday. Thanks again for the excellent input folks.

6.7 – pg 21 – Medium Density Overlay

The EFCL Planning Committee recommended a series of suggestions to improve the medium density infill overlay to make it more family friendly. See the board package for details. This recommendation passed.

8.2 – pg 25 – Hall Rental workshop

The hall rental workshop will feature a presentation by police on safety, insurance folks on insurance and there will be presentations on successful hall rental operations. April 28 at Queen Mary Park 10844 – 117 Street 7-9 pm. – pg 31 – Community League Swim Program Proposal

At long last the next meeting of the EFCL Community Swim Committee is planned for April 20 at 7 pm (Hall to be confirmed.)
The wait may have been worth it. As requested the City has come back with a new format offer to community leagues.  In fact, the City is offering three options: 1) Status Quo – leagues can keep their existing pool agreements; 2) Community League Wellness Program – this program provides discounts for memberships to community league members and 3) Unified Community League Access Program.
This third option offers a discount rate for each community involved in an agreement. Area 17 and Area 2 communities will have to crunch the numbers to see if this works better for us, or if our existing agreement is better.
Leagues in some parts of the city are saving lots of money using this plan and the plan allows leagues to choose public swim times as well. See the board package for details and come to the meeting on April 20 if you are interested.

8.5 – pg 33 – Website Development for Community Leagues

The company that developed the Glenora Community League website is offering their services to leagues. The Glenora website http://glenoracommunity.com/
It’s pretty amazing. The community league converted to online membership sales and their numbers went up. Renewals go out automatically. The information for members is saved and used in sports registrations. The website is even set up to sell ads for the website online. The EFCL is talking to the developer about offering a discount to community league members who get together to create a new website for their leagues. The price for one league is $12,000. There will be a demonstration at the April 4 AGM. It’s possible that by offering this service at a discounted rate we could also link a league’s information to the EFCL site so it can promote your hall rentals etc. This is well worth looking at if you need a much better website for your league.
There is much more in the board package.
I hope to see you at the AGM on April 4.
David Dodge

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