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David Dodge EFCL Past President and past district rep for Lago Lindo, Kilkenny, McLeod, Evansdale, Northmount, Londonderry, Steele Heights, Balwin, Killarney, Delwood, Glengarry, Rosslyn, Belvedere community leagues in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Photo by Rob Agostinis

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Anthony Henday Opening Today - Update

Hi Folks in District B. 

Here is an update on the on the opening of the Anthony Henday from Councillor Ed Gibbons.

Anthony Henday Opening Today

With the opening of Anthony Henday Drive later today, it is likely that questions will arise about the status of 66 Street north and south of A Henday.  The following information is provided:

a) 66 Street between 167 Ave and A Henday will operate through the winter on the existing alignment.  Roadway maintenance has undertaken minor work to ensure that the roadway will be functional over the winter.  The road will be closed for reconstruction next spring to be reconstructed to an urban arterial roadway on the permanent alignment.  The work could not be completed this year due to the various utility relocations necessary prior to construction.

b) 66 Street between Henday and 195 Ave will operate through the winter on the existing alignment, and a temporary cross connection between the new and old 66 St alignment has been built.  The City and Sturgeon County are working together to ensure the road is maintained until the new connection from Henday north to 195 Ave is completed next year.  The existing road will remain in operation through this construction.

c) Access for trucks to new snow site - the new northeast snow site on 50 St just south of Highway 37 will be operational this winter (replacing the former, temporary site at 188 Ave and 66 St) - 24 hour truck access will be from 66 St/Henday interchange north via 66 St, 195 Ave and 50 St.

d) Alternative routes to 66 St - the new 82 St arterial connection is open to traffic and paved from 167 Ave north to 195 Ave, and 195 Ave is paved from just west of 50 St through to 127 St.  For callers who are concerned about the condition of 66 St south of Henday, we would recommend the use of 82 St as an alternative.  During the reconstruction of 66 Street north of 167 Ave next year, the primary detour route will be west along 195 Ave to 82 St.

e) Winter road maintenance - the City and the Provincial contractor have developed a strategy to ensure that maintenance of 82 St and 66 Street takes place across Anthony Henday.  Also, as of Nov 1, the Province has assumed maintenance responsibility for Manning Drive north of Henday and Highway 28A from Manning Drive to the City boundary.

This update was from Councillor Ed Gibbons. You can reach him at: ed.gibbons@edmonton.ca

I will be at the Area 17 meeting today. 
David Dodge

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